If I have seen a job to which I want to access. How I can do an interview?

We recommend first send your resume and cover letter in which you can request a personal interview.

Automatically a member of the human resources department will contact you to assign your personal code and the approximate date on which you can make the personal interview and see the facilities of Group Marcal.

If there are jobs I can send my CV

You can send your resume at any time, although it is advisable to select a job that interests you and you can be part of the selection process for the position specific defendant.

If given the fact that interest you two or more jobs need to record this particular indicating the degree of interest you have for these posts and your order of preference.

I can know what state is my application?

After you get your personal code and have completed a personal interview may either:

That your profile fits with what Marcal Group is looking, which means that you will be awarded a virtual space to be able to access testing complementary and / or training courses On line.
In the event that no full lace with the policy of the company receive timely information about it, notwithstanding that you can re-apply for future nominations.

If I want to practice in the company with whom do I have to contact?

Practices can only be performed in the field of law and in the field of property management agents.

Practices as a lawyer / a have a duration of 6 months extendable to a maximum for 6 months, then becoming part of the template as Marcal Lawyer Attorneys Junior.

Practices in the Office of Property Administration will last 3 months in the chosen area (Accounting-Related Issues-Assistance-boards) After this period valued the possibility of paid internships in shopping centers and / or industrial estates where may develop all the knowledge acquired.

I can promote within the company?

As we see is not a possibility if not a real option and necessary.

Promote within the company requires a path that achieves the workplace that offers personal and professional satisfaction, therefore working in Marcal offers a promotional scheme which has each worker and is made specifically in response to the circumstances and actual claims of each group of workers.