< / p> virtue, humility “consists in knowing one’s limitations and weaknesses and act under this knowledge.” This as we believe in honest work and we base the customer relationship on trust. A good professional tells the truth, but not always the most encouraging, if it is safe to act in this way helps the client understand the real situation which may face. Being involved in a project I think, translates to putting all the desire and enthusiasm in achieving the objectives. Every day we get projects that get excited for our companions, and even better our customers have fallen for us. Every day evolve into a larger organization and better The key is to really feel that all of us at Marcal, so we can all bring enthusiasm and excitement to a group that has much to achieve. When improvement becomes your daily challenge when you do not settle it right but want to be number 1 at what you do is when we hear the echoes of nonconformity and do not do well with it but you have to get your team is the first in the league. The best is when you realize that longs to make good team at best, is a team that stays with you because he wants to really be number 1 on the activity that takes place is when perfectionism becomes an obsession and is at this point that gives the best results. Within this dynamic work when it seems that everything is invented has been sufficient to apply a small technological advances to cause a small revolution in the legal world and the management agents.